Sunday, July 12, 2009


Hello everyone!

This entry was supposed to be posted yesterday...but I was just exhausted after finishing the last file transfer, emailing members (remember the lost database? I had to sent the emails one-by-one! fun! :-D), and finally flinging open the site! Yippii!!

Exhausted, did I say? Yes, to be very honest. I had been working hard to reconstruct after all those troubles...and when it was finally ready, the server unexpectedly upgraded their security setting, and pouf, I couldn't access my own space in the server. It was like...being unable to enter your own house to do the cleaning and redecorating. The landlord simply changed the lock-code of the entrance door without prior warning. Pouf! I was frustrated for days.

On the fifth day, finally, came an email with the instruction on how to upload my files using secure setting which fit their system. Oh my goodness. They said that the files would be encrypted while being transported to the server, more secure than using standard transfer, but my goodness, some files seemed to be really really reluctant to be transferred this way (I never had the problem using ftp commander before). And you know how many files in the queue? almost 4000 graphics + webpages in total. And whenever a file didn't want to be uploaded, the server disconnected itself after a few minutes. Then I had to restart the upload process. Then again, then again...the troubles seemed to repeat themselves until I really got it. And finally I figured it out that the server would reconnect itself and retry to upload the failed files, every few minutes. So, Thursday night I let the ftp worked while I went to sleep, and Friday the whole day, I also punished the ftp for being so lousy and let it work very very hard while I laughed all my way to my work (of course, it was Friday :o))

Such a fantastic adventure, wasn't it :o))) Saturday morning, I woke up happy and my mission was checking what's left in the files. Oh, one two three images were still missing, some links were incorrect. And so finally at around noon, amretasgraphics is up and running again!

Have you checked it by the way? Not everything is done, somehow. I just wanted the site to be up first and then gradually I will complete the contents. I've received a few requests to write something about how I created my graphics, and to display samples from my first graphics to the latest ones, to be able to see the 'evolution', so to say. I think that's a very good idea! My first graphics were quite funny always the first prototypes of everything, when you start your first trial-and-errors. And somehow I lost some of them with my computer crash in 2003. Another new feature is the Kindwords Cafe, a place for friends and inspiration...My plan is to add new updates every two days or so, then new graphics every weekend.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy what's already up :o) One new webset is on its way, and the school webset is being updated with bears and little girls and boys. That's for next weekend :o)

Talk to you again soon!


Hello! I decided to put the link to where you can download the free sample webset here - so you can download it directly without having to fill in the request form :-)

Scroll down a little bit, for those of you who haven't got it. Members do not have to download this sample, it's part of the big rosebears webset that you can get in the member area.

Here it is:

Cute smiling bears with lots of roses, pink big roses. ready to decorate your pretty pages. 56 graphics (.gif) including bears, pink roses buttons, banners, quilt squares, sign boards, toppers, borders, email, guestbook, and background tiles.

Download here.

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