Monday, March 22, 2010

My Shop on the Blog series - part 1

As promised, here's the part 1 of My Shop on the Blog series :-)

When I started working on the Garage Sale Buku blog, I wanted to - of course - decorate the blog with my own graphics. But the templates I could find at that time were mostly those big tiles with white background in the middle. After some googlings finally I got it, how to add background tiles to the blog-body and to the blog-wrapper (the middle part of the blog where you put the blog posts and widgets on sidebars).

That was such a good news to me :-) Now I can experiment with my own background tiles, hundreds of them! You can, too.

There are two ways that I know of how to do it. But first, let's start with these two background tiles:



Now right-click the background tiles and save them on your harddisk (you can change the file names too if you want).

Next, upload the background tiles to your own Blog so the images will be stored and hosted by Blogger.

Here's a quick tip:
- open a new post
- upload the images
- once the images appear in your post, save the post (push the 'save now' button), you don't have to publish it (but if you want to publish the post, that's okay too).

the point is that you get the images stored in your Blogger account. Like this:

Next post: two easy ways to add the background tiles to your blog, and how to combine them (one for the blog-body, the other for the blog-wrapper)

Talk to you again tomorrow :-)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Shop on the Blog series

Oh dear, I've been away too long. But I'm telling you, I've been working hard preparing some exciting things I am going to start revealing with my blog entry tomorrow. Especially for those of you who loooove blogging with blogger just like I do ;-)

Here's some clues (and background story):

You know what could happen when one really needs to make extra income? Maybe you've heard about all those self help books, such as 'One Minute Millionaire' or 'Cash in a Flash' or 'Anyone Can Do It'.. haha, yip, you got it, I devoured those books, and once I teamed up with three great friends of mine, the idea came into realization in such speed!

We decided to have an online garage sale on Blogger. We were cleaning up and we had piles of foreign books and magazines that simply need new homes. So, our online garage sale will sell used books and magazines... how's that?

Here are two snapshots from

Setting up the online garage sale from scratch was quite an adventure..lots of trial and error, as always, lots of new things discovered and learned, so exciting!

And the good side about it is that, I got an idea to revive amretasgraphics with tips and tricks I've learned by setting up our Garage Sale Buku, such as how to decorate the blog (I've prepared about one hundred pre-mix-and-matched templates using my graphics, can you believe it! They're on the way :o)), how I set up the shopping cart and forms, where I finally found a great, free online storage for my graphics which allows direct download, how I made scrollable widgets...ow, this is going to be a project of its own!

Anyway, many of you may already know about these stuff I'm going to talk about ;-) but if you're interested, make sure you follow or subscribe to this blog, and do not miss the fun! ;-)

Till tomorrow,

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