Monday, August 30, 2010

Graphic Giveaway

Hello all,

I'm joining Giveaway Scout - a giveaway search engine, isn't that neat? :-)

For those who just came here for the first time, you can follow this link

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to get to my collection of graphic giveaway. Enjoy! :-)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Postcards from Jakarta 100826


I got myself a new pair of walking shoes last night, last minute shopping (a few minutes before shops closing at 22:00) - and my feet must be very happy now. I found myself walking and jumping happily this morning for I felt that my feet were perfectly adorned and protected by the light-weight and super duper comfy new silver grey Skechers. I love it!

And Mr Apollo the Sun must have been very happy too this morning. A very warm morning and it seemed like the happy sunshine put big smiles on people's faces all along the streets. That was nice.

Somehow I noticed that the equatorial sunshine was a bit yellowish if not highly saturated (I don’t know the real term but that’s what Photoshop has to say in the picture-adjustment). Now with Photoshop I would just reduce the saturation. I love pictures with cool effect :-)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Postcards from Jakarta 100824


I noticed that on the open field where I walk through every morning, the wild flowers changed from time to time. They have their own seasons. This time, the purple-pink-round and the cotton-flag-like flowers are everywhere. Plus the white little flowers which seem to be there all the time.

And the geese were out today! They blocked the walking path and luckily I already passed that!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

In the meantime... postcards from Jakarta


In the meantime,

I will be writing from the house where I currently live, the very same house that I used to share with Fina and the girls, that was flooded up to 2 meters in 2007. The house is at the moment undergone a renovation, so it's a complete mess here.

While writing this, I was amused by my own thoughts that - if you have watched the movie "Under the Tuscan Sun" - I might imagine living like Frances, the main character in the movie, the scenes where her house in Tuscany was being renovated. The people working here are so nice. My landlord has an assistant and these guys are her relatives. They start working very early in the morning and stop at sunset. Every morning I walk pass the traditional market in the neighbourhood and there are the very nice couple who sell green coconut drinks, the old man who always sits by the veggie seller, the traditional cakes seller who already knows that I would ask for "onde-onde", my favorite yummies (fried sticky rice balls rolled on sesame, with sweet mung bean paste inside) - and the thoughtful couple who runs the rice stall just across the street: they know that rice with fish is my favorite, and a big spoonful of stir-fried tempeh would add the taste. When I go home from work in the evening, I often found their kids Wisnu 8, and Nadine 3, chatting and playing with the guys who work in the house, and the guy who sells fish cake and stations his stall just in front of my house would normally join the conversation or watch tv in the terrace when not serving customers.

Haha, it's nice. I also love passing by the other street where the couple who runs a small grocery store in the corner always greet and wish me a good day or 'take care' - as so the lady who owns the co-housing next door. It's the "trick" of living in this kind of neighbourhood, where most people would sit and chat with one another in front of their houses mostly in the morning. You can't avoid passing by them and even if you don't know their names, a cheerful "good morning" is always returned along with a genuine smile. It's a good energy. Now you understand why I always arrive at work energized and happy :-)

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wallpaper: flower cutouts

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{wallpaper monday: flower cutouts}

Oups, these wallpapers should have been uploaded yesterday, but I happened to get no internet connection last night, so here they are now...

Like the previous {wallpaper monday: i heart}, it is a sneakpeek of my upcoming graphic / wallpaper kit. It's a BIG kit I can tell you, that's why it takes such a long time to finish (oh, please excuse the excuse! ;-)) It's a BIG project for me :-))

Amretasgraphics members will get it for free, of course - but there will be the 'squeezed version' for those who 'like' Amretasgraphics' page on Facebook. There will also be an e-book accompanying the kit, so it's gonna be exciting!

The squeezed version will be up by the end of this month, so visit my facebook page (from the link box to the right on this blog..), like it, and the link to where you can download the graphic kit will be delivered by message right to the email you use for your Facebook account. And for you who are already there.. stay tune :-))

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