Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Thought it’s time to blog some things about my hometown, to give a little balance after babbling alot about graphics, designs, my life in Jakarta, and Sweden ;-)

But it’s still about colours and beautiful things. Yogyakarta is relatively a small town compared to Indonesia’s capital city Jakarta where I live now. Born there, grew up there, but living about 600 km away has taught me to see my home town from fresh, new angles and to get in touch more with the things I care about, without being burdened by the things I don’t. Yogyakarta is known as cultural city in any case, one of the must-visits for those interested in Indonesia’s cultural life.

One that came as a surprise to me was an impromptu visit to the traditional bird market. That was supposed to be ‘scientific visit’ as I was there taking two Swedish scientists (+ a colleague) looking at variety of birds that might relate to one of the scientists’ researches.

I swear I had never been inside the traditional bird market before though its location is actually within walking distance from my childhood home. Simply as a little Javanese girl I had the assumption that bird market was something accessible only for men!

When finally the group of four was inside the market, I started to have this mix feeling of familiarity from a long gone childhood and of an exciting discovery. I was instantly drawn to the market’s palette in that late afternoon and fighting with time to capture some images before the market’s deserted for a night by its occupants. And before the already scheduled ride to the airport to fly back to Jakarta.

The colourful birds and birdcages

Loved the owls...

Bird food

Washing dishes, the market's closing

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