Monday, August 13, 2007


Let’s see if you like cards with ’feel good’ sayings on them.

[feel free to save and use them - just please provide a link back to]

Some of you might also remember I made the Irish Blessings graphics below for my Saint Patrick’s Day sets.

I found it very nice to print the cards (in colors, of course), then edge-cut and stick or clip them to my journal. Choose positive affirmation to brighten your day :-) I include further below the ‘blank’ cards. You can put your own text or saying on them, digitally, or simply print them and write the text using markers.

Somehow, given very limited time, making cards is easier for me than creating new graphics from scratch :-) If you like it probably I will make a special card page later, with instruction on how to put together the graphics and to add the text, the simple way.

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