Friday, January 11, 2008


Thanks everyone for your overwhelming response to my free membership offer, which will be closed on 13 january, I’m so flattered… and certainly, for bearing with me in these chaotic rearrangement and ‘moving around’. You know, sometimes I found myself having lots of ideas, but then on the way I stumbled on so many this-and-that. Anyhow, I believe that there are always some good things that present themselves during the fall-and-get-ups. I’m so glad that I keep this quote by Janice Endique on my table, it was a tear-out from an old edition of Country Living magazine : “On the way to what you planned to happen, something even better comes along.”

It is said that if you repeat what you say all the time, it becomes your belief. Not only that I am a huge fan of nice surprises – but by experience I know that this quote is so true :o) And what is more exciting than to have friends who enthusiastically share this same ‘belief ‘?

Came to my mailbox today:

Miko, me, Jiffy, Fina. Thanks girls for being the kind of friends I mentioned above :o)

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  1. Hello Amreta
    Your family and friends are very nice to see. I hope you are doing ok?
    kindest regards


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