Saturday, October 31, 2009


O'dear, this blog looks like a very lazy one, no? *wink* Looking at my schedule, I will still be very busy at least until 16 December...let's say until end of this year. Now you see I'm so looking forward to a new year vacation :-)

And today I start moving to a temporary place, as the family house where I currently live is soon going to be rebuilt (yes, the house will be demolished then rebuilt into a completely new building with several rooms for rent...which the family think will be great for investment and to get passive income...)

In fact, co-housing is quite common here. And renting a room in a house is a cheaper option than renting a flat (which tend to provide 'luxurious' services).

Speaking of the temp house, it doesn't have internet connection... I think I have to accept that since it's only a temporarily place, and I can always use the (limited) mobile internet, but it's only approximately 40 minutes walk from where I work (haha, compare it now with my current daily commute, 60-90 minutes one way depending on the availability of the public transport and traffic...:o))

Anyway, haven't got the chance to rearrange my stuff, but I've got some fresh ideas and tips already for cleaning up the house :-))

From Country Living

Talk to you again soon my friends! :-))


  1. Yeah, co-housing isn't bad at all. When you live alone (without family) and don't necessarily need a lot of space just for yourself. Btw, for how long are you planning to stay in your temporary place? Because living with no internet connection nowadays is a killer.


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