Sunday, April 18, 2010

{putting together pieces of life}

Oh yes, that's my life. After all the troubles with the computer and internet, then getting sick for almost 2 weeks, now it's time to put together all those little pieces of life into some really nice picture :-)

Looking back, it was probably a little reminder to live the dreams I had always been dreaming, not to be stuck in a life according to other people's expectation..

Everything's going to be allright!

See the picture above? Aha, yes, I started cooking at home again, which is so nice. Never thought happiness could come from smelling garlic in my fingers...can you believe it? :-D

For so many months now, I ate mostly from street food stalls. While the food is so stomach seemed unable to bear it somehow. Combined with the stress at work, you can guess.

Then that's what best friends are for. They came to see me during my sickness and we had fun remembering the good times we had together when living in the same house. We collected recipes from magazines and cooked every single day while dreaming and reading books like Peter Mayle's and Frances Mayes'.

"And you never got sick" noticed Fina, who now lives quite far away in the suburb of Jakarta. "Yet you also worked day and night. Perhaps it's the food, you never know the quality and the hygiene of street food. And when you prepare the food yourself, it's also good for the soul"

Voila! I got what she meant. As I still have to eat "plain" food, I swear by spaghetti aglio e olio... I really really like the taste of it. Only garlic and olive oil over spaghetti..yummm!

And today I just realised no more spaghetti in the pantry! But I still had eggplants, and so I cooked eggplant instead of spaghetti...kind of..umm... "eggplant aglio et olio" :-D

You know what? it is so delicious!! (ah, an eggplant lover like moi..;-))

And in the meantime I'm sorting out my daily life right now. I will continue the "shop on my blog" series starting next week. I will continue re-arranging my websites. I'm reorganizing my daily schedule and my working space. Ah, sorry, it's not working space, it is playing space. I have fun doing what I do! :-D

Uh, I want to have a working space like Amy Butler's ... like here shown on Country Living:

Dreaming + planning + taking action = SO GOOD FOR THE BODY AND SOUL! :-)))

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  1. Ciao Amreta, just popped in to see how you are and wish you a happy day! I love cooking too, it's so relaxing. Yum,y pic, btw! ;)


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