Saturday, June 26, 2010

{weekend blog talk}

Hello everybody!

Thank you so much for those who have taken a look at my first Blogzine :-) I'm preparing now the 2nd issue with summary of my creation during the week - back to the themes I used before in this blog: Wallpaper Monday, Blogging Tuesday, Journaling Wednesday, Project Thursday, Kindwords Friday, and Weekend Wandering...

Anyway, perhaps since I have been away from blogging for sometime, I found that I have forgotten so many things :-D And somehow I noticed some functions didn't work anymore? Or is it only me? I have 'missed the train'?

Oh how exciting! I have to keep up actually with blogging if I don't want to be left out, hehe. Seems like I don't have any other choice.

So, well, another trial-and-error session tonight. I should be able to give the correct instruction for the blog blackground installation.

This time weekend-wandering includes finding a new coffee shop in town where my 3G wireless connection works really well! And they serve a super delicious caffe latte!

Another lesson I've learned is that I will change the size of the Blogzine into A4 - or letter size. Don't you think A5 is too small?

Okay everybody! The blogzine will be uploaded as soon as it is ready. In the meantime below is a sneakpeek of what you can find inside, some of them :-)

Print / Project Thursday

Wallpaper Monday

Blogging Tuesday

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  1. Amreta,

    You are one amazing artist. I wanted to take the time and thank you again for allowing your graphics to be used by others.
    I have loved your creations ever since I started blogging and learned what tiles and graphics were :) I still have the same graphics I downloaded in 2007. I think by now my friends must be tired of them, but I am not.
    I am glad you will be blogging more often, I have enjoyed reading your post.


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