Monday, October 4, 2010

{mushrooms love}

Hurray, finally, my dream of hunting mushrooms in the Swedish countryside came true. My host families took me out into the forests and here came my first 'autumn gold' experience: I was picking chantarelles! And right after our mushroom hunting my hostmom gathered the chantarelles, sauted them in oil and garlic and served them on Swedish hardbread (knäckebröd)...yummmmmyyyy....!

But wait, not only the chantarelles I was up for, but all kind of mushrooms that could be found in the forests that time - for the delights of my camera! :D I was particularly fond of what I called 'the storybook mushrooms' - you know, the fantastic red mushroom with white dots on it...very beautiful but alas, poisonous, too... but my camera loves them of course, and also other kinds of mushrooms and the autumn forests. Captured in my camera's memory card, they are so very nice souvenirs from the Swedish countryside.

Voilà some pictures for your inspiration...

Further to the forest we go...

really liked it walking here

drops of water trapped in cobweb

these mushrooms look like microphones :-)


  1. Wow I am amazed at all the mushrooms! The forest looks so beautiful too.

  2. Gorgeous mushrooms, Amreta! I was expecting to see a few fairies popping out from the forest as well ;)

  3. Gimana cara mbedain mana jamur beracun, mana yg nggak ?


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