Monday, August 15, 2011

Starting over....

Here you'll find out why almost all download links in this blog do not work, why I will have to start over and the Plan B on how my new graphics will be published.

So here's the story....

The day after I published my last blog post, I got several emails reporting that they could not download the graphics from the download links I provided in the goodiebag email (new subscribers), and a colleague of mine said she didn't manage to download My Thank You Book...

Oh dear, this had never happened before...I thought it would only a temporary server problem or something, until in the evening when it was my schedule to upload the new graphics as planned...I COULDN'T EVEN ACCESS MY OPENDRIVE ACCOUNT!!

That was such a pain! I was in the middle of my excitement of having new artwork ready. After so many attempts which resulted in "access denied", I emailed the support dept at OpenDrive and the next day I got their reply, giving me a new password to login.

Strange, huh? I didn't request a new password. Was there somebody trying to access my account? I have no idea. didn't answer my question, they just gave me a new password and reset my account.

So finally I managed to access my account again. And I thought all the download links were restored.


My colleague still couldn't download My Thank You Book. I couldn't either. I still couldn't download all the PDFs and Zips files stored in my OpenDrive account. My new subscribers still couldn't download the graphics in the goodiebag...even if my account was already reactivated.

I checked again the files in my OpenDrive account...they were all there, in the same folders. How come that the download links didn't work? Then I noticed... since the account had been reset...the URLs changed!!


Which means, I would have to change ALL the incorrect links in the blog. Well, I thought, probably it is a sign I had to change everything and just start over? And I thought, again, it's good that I know about this OpenDrive resetting now than later when I already have sooo many links with my graphics.

OK, now the problem's figured out. Next step is finding the easiest way to restore the links and to display my new graphics.

Then I thought it would just be easier if I start over with new fresh contents and so I transferred the existing contents to my old blog. And to minimize the zip files, I will just display my new graphics (free version) on the blog.

Okay we'll see! I hope I can start very soon :-)

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