Monday, December 11, 2006


So, yesterday was a trial-and-error day! *giggle* Sunday morning I finally managed to finish my 'latest creation' which is a diary / weekly planner for 2007 and I wanted to see how it looks when I print it out.

Now I'm so glad that I took the decision. The first print out turned out really bad - not only that the line looked 'sloppy' but the graphics were terrible (the colors looked okay though. So I got back to my original file (Adobe InDesign) and tried out several kinds of lines (changed the thickness, etc) until I got that thin grey line. Then tried to experiment with the graphics - the answer was finally this: the graphics had to be re-scaled so that the edges get smoother.

About 30 print-outs later, finally I got what I wanted. The last printout looked good I was soo happy! My housemate Fina liked it so much that I thought I'd found a perfect new year gift for her ;o) I added a few notesheets on the back, and voilà, I think I just made it, my very own diary! I'll bring it to the print-shop and have it ring-bound. And yes, thick carton paper with natural color for the cover. Maybe I'll cover it again with vintage fabrics later on.... Well, anyway, I hope you like it, too! ;o)

Find the new diary on the "printables" - on the menu on the left at Amreta's Graphic Corner.

Here are a few pictures (taken with my camera-phone, not very clear)


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