Thursday, November 15, 2007


I should have written about this a few months ago when by chance I discovered Zinio while looking for info about international subscribtion to some not-easy-to-get-in-Jakarta magazines.

Now a few months later I already downloaded a few editions of Elle Decor and Country Living in digital format, and I have nothing to complain. Very practical and I can save some space on my book shelves for other magazines I could find here :-)

All I had to do to be able to view the magazine was downloading and installing the Zinio Reader which is available from the site. Now as long as I have my computer with me I can open the magazines and read them, easily, since I can zoom or reduce to size of the images to fit the screen.

It looks like these:

Image from Elle Decor - Dec 2007:

Images from Country Living - Dec 2007:

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