Wednesday, November 28, 2007


'tis the season of beautiful things...and finally the flower field set is now ready to huge apology for those who have been waiting for it since end of september when i first announced it *blush* - or those who have been so far wondering "where's the update?"

i realise "flower field" doesn't sound christmasy nor wintery, but hey, our friends in the southern hemisphere is enjoying summer now :-) and in any case, i love drawing or out of seasons ;-)

you can download the webset from here. it is in zipped file to protect the graphics from direct linking. this webset will also be available to download from its original home in a few days.

the sad news is, this is probably the last webset that is available for free. i may start charging for my future graphics in 2008. besides the fact that i've been very dissapointed by the misuses and direct linking, running my graphic site has grown too pricey for me lately. i understand this could be unfair to those who cannot afford, and i will still have free graphics for everyone, but well, to be very honest, earning something no matter how little it is from drawing graphics will keep myself motivated :-))

well, more about it later, but in the meantime, i hope you enjoy the flower field set! :-)

download the flower field webset

screenshot of what you can find in the set below:


  1. Hi dear Amreta, thank you for the lovely graphics, I long to have a good look at it when I feel a bit better.
    Thinking of you, hope you are well, my friend.
    Warm hugs,

  2. Hi Amreta, Thanks from me, too, for the beautiful graphics. Now I must think where to use them ;)
    Hugs from Barbara

  3. Hello Amreta,

    Thanks soo much for the AWESOME new graphics set! God blessed you with such wonderful talent and you share it so graciously with soo many others! What a wonderful blessing you are!!!

    Much Love Always,
    Stacey Reich

  4. Hello Amreta! The new set is beautiful (as always). I always look forward to reading your blog and finding out what you've been up to ... wanted to take the time to say "Hello" to you. Think of you often. Hugs, Susan (Loria's Mom)

  5. This is such a pretty set. Thank you so much for sharing it with me.

    I hope you are well and feeling creative.


  6. download the flower field webset -- the link is no longer there. could you return it please. thanks


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