Thursday, December 13, 2007


Let’s face it. I live in Jakarta. Anthropologie, IKEA, Habitat, Tracy Porter…they are all inspirations that make me hooked on the internet. Anyway so far that’s the only way I could give a feast to my eyes and a little consolation for not having these stores here. And I counted my blessings as I rearranged stacks of old magazines and clipping books that occupied so much space in my room. They are my inspiration banks. And thanks God, again, for keeping them safe from the flood last February. For they are the sweet candies to my craving soul…

My daydream was interrupted by the laughing voice of my youngest sister on the phone. “I’ve finished my latest project” she said. “Now preparing a second line, to be sold in the traditional market”

“Traditional market? (in our hometown, the cultural city of Yogyakarta)”

“Yes” her laugh was louder. “the market has this special space for selling crafts. I should give it a try”

“Well, give it a go!”

My crafty sister laughed again.

“You see, we’re both crazy about traditional crafts. You should really try to fit them in your ‘imaginary lifestyle’”

“Which means…?”

“Euh, those high stacks of magazines in your room” she pointed, “they are all international magazines, which is nice for inspiration, and that is your imaginary lifestyle”


“That’s the problem, It’s all imaginary and you can’t find the goods here. Why don’t you try to ‘replace’ the details with locally found crafts to create your own folkloric-influenced style?”

“Well, sister, necessity is the mother of invention”


“I still don’t have time to come home, if you mean that I should start there in our hometown. But I can go to Chicmart and Pasaraya (a home decoration shop, and the latter is a department store with a huge section of Indonesian crafts that occupies their entire fifth floor) and start training my eyes….”

“Or to the junk market”

Hmm. I think this time I have been caught by inspiration. Through my crafty little sister. Thanks, little muffin.

My little sister Nataya aka Chacha in our childhood home, our first inspiration, where it all started...

my two sisters and a few cousins in the living room of our Javanese house

Nataya's artworks "Chachalotta"

Baby Nataya in mid 80s, already crafty

images from Chachalotta

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  1. Hi dear Amreta.
    I loved to "listen" to your conversation with your sweet sister, thanks for making me smile here. And for showing those gorgeous pics.
    Warm hugs,


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