Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Notice what's new with this blog? *winkwink* Yes, the layout! :-)

I had, for quite sometime, been eyeing those three-column blogs, wondering how they're created, googling and trying out some templates...but much to my dissappointment, it just never worked. Should I say, I never gave up? Somehow after more googlings and checkings, I found this little tutorial that seemed clear and easy to understand. I followed the step-by-step instruction provided on the page, and youhouuu! It really worked!

You may want to check it yourself. Here's the link:

The 'original' page of the tutorial:

The same tutorial by the same author on Zimbio:

Thanks Amanda for your awesome tutorial!

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  1. Thank you Amreta, you are so very kind to pass on something that has made your life easier, to others. I have been trying to get my mind around the 3 column blog page and I haven't had any luck. I will try again now that I have an easy step by step tutorial.

    Thanks again
    Big Hugs


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