Sunday, October 26, 2008


Greetings from Bali!

Sounds like vacation? Probably! But I’m here for work, still a few more days to go, and I’m happy enough to find an extra time, sitting here on the balcony at the hotel where I currently stay not so far from the beach and just across the street from the traditional art market, having a big cup of Balinese coffee (I can tell you it’s really really good!), writing and blogging... somehow life is good :-)

I’ll have to go back to work in an hour – today is the last day of Kuta Karnival, the event where I’m working on an exhibition ( ), and all the way along Kuta and Legian beaches, it is so lively, foreign tourists and locals alike. While writing this on the balcony I’m watching a carnival with lots of cars and people ‘dressed’ in Balinese tradition down on the street. The Balinese music and the dances really live up the street...but I can also see the traffic jam en suite of the carnival!

And yes it’s been so hot and the sun’s really strong on the beach. Especially in the afternoon, but it’s fun to see from our tent people having good time surfing the whole day. And when the heat already subsides and the sun is on the way to the horizon, you can enjoy a very nice feeling there just like everybody else. People taking a stroll and listening to the waves, children laughing and playing beach soccer, or just sitting on the sand looking at the ocean and the sun. There were times when the sun sets very beautifully, but sometimes it just dissapeared under the clouds. Having an exhibition on the beach can be tough, really – but the spectacular view and the lovely feeling in this particular time of the day seemed to compensate all the hard work and the hassle...:-)

Leaving you now with some pictures from the event. More about the trip on the next entry, hopefully...

[.the Kuta Karnival.]

[.the beach stalls.]

[.balinese music on the beach.]

[.the fruit seller on the beach.]

[.sunset in Kuta.]

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  1. I'm still "lost" in your pics, Amreta! Wow is all I can say! :D Thanks for sharing! Have a happy day!


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