Sunday, December 21, 2008


Hello I'm back :-) Oh, when was it the last entry? More than one month ago! Oh no. I can always say that I've been very busy at work these past few weeks..and I'm so glad end-of-year is finally there...that means holiday!! Yippi!! Some time off!!

The fact is, there have been some changes at work that I needed to re-adjust myself, and thought "probably i can work on it like this...or like that..." and the trial-and-error-and-tweaking went on. For weeks.

Somehow I managed to make some new prints for the member area, the Live Love Laugh series. I did have sometime off and sat there in front of my computer trying to continue the unfinished websets. But I ended up drawing some seems like I needed something to cheer myself up at that time :-D

And ok, one print is free for everyone to download here :-) Hope you like it. If you are member, there are 11 more prints in the member area.

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