Sunday, June 28, 2009

{scrapbooking sunday: choco-dots freebie}

Can you believe it - I still can't manage to finish revamping :(

There are so many details, new stuff, changes here changes there, uploads and downloads, checking this and checking that...whou, but I do hope that all will be ready in July. I'm working really hard here...thanks for bearing with me ;-)

And while's a new freebie, a sneakpeek to what's new on when it's ready: Choco-dots scrapbooking kit. The idea came two weeks ago when I wanted to scrapbook with photos of my nephew, baby Attila who was 6 week old at that time (now he's 2 months old). My sister, Attila's mom, is a choco-holic so I thought something chocolate-related would be perfect :o)

Also only two weeks ago I came across the cutest site on the web where you can find the cutest fonts: Fantastic! And you see I use their fonts for the scrapbooking kit as well, I couldn't help it, you know, the fonts are just oh so cute!

Anyway here's where you can download the Choco dots kit. I divided the kit into three zip files for easier download. Oh yeah, how could I forget this: the Choco dots kit contains 4 digital papers, 2 frames, 9 embellishments, 2 tags, and a set of alphabets. The font I used for the alphabet is 'A Little Pot' from Feel free to use the kit for your personal projects. Please note that this free kit is NOT for commercial use. If you use the kit (or parts of the kit) for blogging or website, please put a link back to or to this post, so that your friends can get this freebie as well! Wouldn't that be nice? *winkwink* Thank you sweet friends! :o)

Right-click and 'save as' to download:

Choco-dots digital papers (17 MB)
Choco-dots frames, embellishments & tags (9 MB)
Choco-dots alphabets & numbers (15 MB)

And here's sample layout using the choco-dots kit - and of course with my little Attila in the picture, I am a super proud auntie, hehehe.


  1. Attila is such a sweet little baby :) I'm looking forward to seeing your "new" website. Have a great week! {{{HUGS}}}

  2. Congratulations on being an aunt now :) Amreta! Attila is adorable!:D Have a very happy day! Greetings from Scotland.


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