Saturday, January 9, 2010


Here I am on supposedly Day 3 of the Challenge...and I'm still on Day 1 ;-)) THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your encouragement, through comments and emails, yaay, can you believe it's an adventure already??

Ok, a little summary:

Thursday: yep, that was the decision, commitment, and the start of the 29-day giving challenge at Amreta's Graphics.

Friday: couldn't stop thinking about it the whole day. So excited. Went home from work earlier. Decided on making some printables. Weekly planner to start. And yiha! I found out that I already forgot a lot of things on using Adobe InDesign. Only a few months away and I already forgot things! Up until midnight trying to figure out the program by opening an old planner...and somehow, I couldn't connect to the internet!

Saturday: you bet, I couldn't sleep. Well, a little bit. I woke up early and continued working on the planner. Finally finally! It was raining the whole morning and day, so it was nice too staying home with mugs of hot chocolate, toast bread and cheddar cheese. Challenge number one was overcome. A new weekly planner is ready. Suddenly it was an evening of big stormy rain with thunders. And came challenge number 2 (and 3..)...another internet connection problem, and probably food poisoning. For lunch I bought fish with chilly from a street food stall, because it was raining, I didn't go out to the market. Don't know exactly if it was the cause of the pain in my stomach. Then the internet connection was sooo slow (and I don't know if the big stormy rain had caused that). So I took some meds and slept. Had a dream of watching a movie on the internet with my late dad (whenever I dreamt of him, I was never aware he already passed away...). Was awake again almost midnight and had a laugh with my friend Joanna in Warsaw over Skype. "Snow snow snooooow" she said. "And here's stormy rain and thunder!" I replied. Tried again to open blogger, but it was still very slow and when finally it was open, it had a very funny display. I still had a bit of headache, so I went back to sleep. But the laugh with Joanna, and the dream of watching a funny movie with dad, did help.

Sunday (today):
Somehow I slept well, though when I woke up I still felt the pain in my stomach. I wanted to go back to sleep. But then it occured to me, and made laugh too, that maybe, just maybe, the Universe is testing me. How many times it happened that everytime I decided on something, so many other things came to surface, forcing me to find excuses or giving me reasons not to go on?

Haha, this time around, I'm so glad that I put the challenge online. Stay focus, honey, I told myself (oh, love this sweet talk to self! :-)) and only now i understand that passion could protect you from all those tests.

At first I thought that I would need to simply ignore all those negative self talk. But in any case, the Universe didn't give up. Today I was happy with the trial-and-error with printing the planner. After a few adjustments, it came up nicely. The internet was well connected in normal speed, and once I was ready with the blogger...I couldn't access my own website! Tried several times with two different ftp transfers. No result. Tried the C-Panel. Nope. Denied. Where should I upload the planner? It's in pdf format.

A few minutes googling and I found and decided to give it a try. Please let me know if you have problem downloading. The link is below:

It's a weekly planner consisting of seven different spreads that you can print and mix and match as much as you like. You need to write the dates yourself, however :o)

A picture of the sample printouts:

Some sample screenshots:

So glad I can start this! And thank you so much for bearing with me :o))

(and don't forget if you want to participate in the 29-day gift challenge, go to )


  1. Hello Amreta! I downloaded it just fine. Thank you for the lovely pages!

  2. Happy New Year, Amreta! What a cool idea! :) And so beautiful. Have a lovely day!


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