Thursday, January 7, 2010


Hello friends!

Happy belated new year...owww, I should have posted something on new year's eve or new year day! It was so strange that I still had something to work on, but I did have a great time, when the digital clock on my mobile phone turned 00:00, and the date to 01 January 2010...fireworks in the whole Jakarta sky. It was fantastic!

And now a week has passed and it's Thursday! Ha! What's so interesting about Thursday, you might wonder? The answer is simple: I was born on Thursday, and as I grew up loving this life I become so fond of Thursdays ;-) And therefore, it seems so right for me to start something on Thursday, no?

Here I'm today on the first Thursday in the year 2010, and it just occured to me an idea (for my journal - see my previous post), that it would probably be interesting to note something like "do something new" or "start one new thing" every Thursday during the whole year. Oh dear, I thought, I just challenged myself. But then, why not? Sounds like a very very nice idea, of course! Well, hello, don't you think one needs exciting challenges to stay motivated? So what will be my first "new thing" to start with on this first Thursday of the year, so I thought.

As luck would have it, my mind was thinking and thinking about it when I was at the right place: bookstore (yes earlier this evening I went to a bookstore after work while waiting for the rain to subside). I stumbled upon the book "29 gifts" by Cami Walker and I recalled I read about it somewhere in Jeannette Maw's Good Vibe Blog.

Oh my, then I knew instantly what I would do!! Yew I'll join this site, I decided. And so I went home and signed-up to 29 gifts. I felt wonderful!! Will this work? Oh, this question of mine. It's the main reason why after signing up I decided to write it on this blog :-D I need help. Your help, dear readers. For my participation in the 29-day Giving Challenge, I plan to post for this cycle of giveaway one freebie per day, for 29 days, starting tomorrow. I wrote now in my journal - since now I already moved to a new place only about 35 minutes walk from work, I should be able to plan and manage my after-work time in the evening and set aside an hour or so to create something for the giveaway. You know what, it will be a practice of self-discipline, hopefully :-D Amretasgraphics has been in hiatus for a few months now and I really really need to get my 'high-vibe' and 'creative habit' back. By making this plan "public" - in theory I will be forced to be on track as so many of you would hopefully watch my progress, and in one month, the habit of drawing graphics in the evening after work will be natural again.

So, would you help me? ;-) Thanks a bunch in advance...Happy 2010 my friends!!!


  1. Happy Year 2010, sweet Thursday Child;)
    Good luck with your new project, I'm sending good vibes and thoughts for you;)

  2. Posting one freebie per day - what a brilliant way to meet the 29 gifts challenge, Amreta!

    Will stay tuned to hear about your progress! :)


  3. Good Start !!

    and this is a great way to start a new year too.

  4. Fab new project! And a lovely entry! :) My graphic shoppe has been on hiatus for a year now and I need to be "creative" again, too. Thanks for the inspiration! :)


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