Monday, February 22, 2010


Okay friends, I’m almost there. Or probably, not yet. But I have started setting up my new graphic blog where will be redirected. At least in March I will have to finish moving my graphic site to this new blog. And after a series of trial and errors, which is good, as always, I got the hang of it, mostly. Playing with html codes was not my favorite thing, but with this endeavor, I started to really really like it! It is as exciting as the process of creating graphics itself. Once you get it, you see the result, and voilà! Something to celebrate!

(in my case, the celebration would be another big mug of chocolat chaud – hot chocolate)

The blog is not yet ready of course. It’s here: I tried to copy the layout of my original site. But then I realised that this just got to be different. I find that blogging is so exciting, no wonder many people are so much more into it now. And also it came to my mind, perhaps I will focus on blogging graphics, later with this new site? Well, like, making blogging templates using my existing or newly created graphics, pre-designed and lightly customised? I will look into that certainly. I just think it might be a good idea to start with.

Meanwhile, I am also working on my new baby business: online garage sale for used books and magazines. It’s called GarageSaleBuku (‘buku’ is the indonesian word for ‘book’). I’m working on it in collaboration with, mainly, two great friends of mine. Over a long breakfast and a weekend of brainstorming and fixing ideas, the site (or actually it’s a blog, too) is now more or less set up. And as we’ve managed to collect around 60 books altogether for startup, the garage sale is today soft-launched, and boy, what another series of trial and error!

Well, an African proverb says, “smooth seas do not make skilful sailors” – now that due to this and that we are forced to make extra income, there’s no more excuse and we just have to do all what it takes and all we can do. Somehow, along the way I realised I always get some other useful knowledge, and some skills sharpened.

Isn’t that exciting? Life has certainly has unexpected and brilliant ways to teach us! :-) Thank you for bearing with me, my friends. I’m almost there.

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