Monday, February 15, 2010


Friends, hate to say this but I've got trouble accessing my own site so far, so I decided to move it to a blog. I will get the domain name intact, however, so there is no change when it comes to linking to It stays the same :-)

It will take sometime to complete this, because I have a fulltime job and I can only work on it slooooowly after working hours :-)) Thanks in advance for bearing with me. And in the meantime, I have some pictures from our walk at the Botanical Garden in Bogor, West Java, a week ago. Enjoy a great week!

Victoria Amazonica, the giant lotus. I so love them! The leaves are up to 1 m wide, fascinating!

We were 4 days late for this giant flower's blooming time. Amorphophallus Titanum only blooms once every two years, so it was actually a special time to visit the Botanical Garden. In its full bloom, it's about 2 meters tall.

These trees wear hula-hula skirts! :-))

I love giant trees, look at the up-ground roots.

Love the colour of this purple banana

A happy bunch of bamboo trees

This Japanese tree has a lovely texture

Another giant tree

The fruit of Meranti tree has wings on it! It flew down from the tree like a helicopter and 'landed' right in front of me, like a present! So I brought it home :-D

Lovely orchids, a mix of pink and tiger orchids, it seems to me..

These 'shy' flowers were also at the orchidarium. I forgot to take note where exactly it was located, or the name of it.

Certainly the white orchids!

This is what we call "carnivore flowers" - see the 'bag'? It attracts and traps insects then 'eat' them! Wow..

The giant orchids were in blooms, we were so lucky! Look at this picture above - the middle of the flower looks like a doll :-))

Calla Lily

I am somehow very fond of those bottled plants at the Herbarium...

Our guide said this African fruit could make hippopotamus drunk! Oyayay, I wonder how it looks, a drunk hippo!

Somewhere in this blog I mentioned that I fell in love with pink flowers with extravagant petals like roses and peonies. Now it includes Lotus. I just love them, the pink ones of course! :-)

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