Thursday, August 26, 2010

Postcards from Jakarta 100826


I got myself a new pair of walking shoes last night, last minute shopping (a few minutes before shops closing at 22:00) - and my feet must be very happy now. I found myself walking and jumping happily this morning for I felt that my feet were perfectly adorned and protected by the light-weight and super duper comfy new silver grey Skechers. I love it!

And Mr Apollo the Sun must have been very happy too this morning. A very warm morning and it seemed like the happy sunshine put big smiles on people's faces all along the streets. That was nice.

Somehow I noticed that the equatorial sunshine was a bit yellowish if not highly saturated (I don’t know the real term but that’s what Photoshop has to say in the picture-adjustment). Now with Photoshop I would just reduce the saturation. I love pictures with cool effect :-)

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