Friday, July 15, 2011

Sweet surprise! Sneak peek number 2

Oh, this is going to be a sweet sneak-peek surprise...


Here's the little background: 11 years ago I started my joyful trial-and-error, drawing my own graphics and published them for my heart's delight. The happiness poured in as I made so many wonderful friends over the internet, thanks to my artwork :D

During those years, there were some down-moments as well, when my free-to-use graphics were misused, resold, etc, all those heartbreaking stuff. Thanksfully I still have a lot of friends who encouraged me (You!) and so I decided to keep staying online and to have my graphics protected.

Now, I want to bring back those happy moments to celebrate my 11 years online (duh :o)) at the same time, still protecting my artwork and getting sweet extra income to support my creativity. How? I was thinking thinking and thinking.

And here's probably a solution which will make everyone, including me, happy :o) At least for now, and probably over time we'll see if this works...

My graphics will be F.R.E.E. to use, again!

However, they will be kept in a secret treasure online cave :o) so membership is required. Really, F.R.E.E.? Yes, you will find the details in the new Term of Use. It's free, but there are also some limitations. With the free membership you will have the access to my graphics and use them "as is". All that is required is a proper credit with a link back to on the page where the graphics are used. And would you create a good karma? I will have some badges, and it would be appreciated if you put one of them on your website or blog, spread the happiness and tell all your friends about these free treats... ;-)

You do not want to display a link back? It's okay, but you need to buy a no-link-back licence. I haven't decided on the price nor the details but you will find them on the website when the shop is ready on 1 August.

So what if you are already a paying member?

Paying membership will give you the rights to alter the graphics to suit your need, and you will be able ask my assistance to make the alteration, too. Paying membership will also give you access to my other works (such as My Thank You Books, etc) + special discounted price when you order a customised version.

Otherwise you can also pay per alteration / set.

You have a little business and want to use my artwork to create items to sell? You can purchase the little biz licence. Web / blog designers fall into this category, too.

More details are coming soon! In the meantime, I'm still working hard preparing everything for the grand relaunching on 1 August :o)

If you haven't joined my mailing list, please do so. You will be the first to know about all the new fun stuff (+ the secret password to enter the protected page with links to the delightful downloads!).

And if you have any thoughts or bright ideas... do not hesitate to leave a comment on the box below, or on my facebook page... because I LOVE feedback and comments!

Talk to you again soon my friends! And enjoy a lovely weekend!

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