Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Where is Amretasgraphics? :o) Sneak-Peek Series no. 1

Oh yes, right, where exactly am I?

Did I tell you over and over and over again that I was preparing the relaunch of Amretasgraphics Shop... now it's planned on 1 August which is Amretasgraphics' 11 years online! Trumpet and confetti please!

I got goosebumps!*

Is it already that long? Really?

Well, some of you are so very curious already what 'surprises' I'm cooking right now 'behind the screen'...

So here comes a ’sneak-peek series’ to what I’m working on. There will be quite significant changes on the new, so bit by bit you will get a taste to what I will offer in the new and revamped site.

You see when possible you’ll find some visual hints as well…cool changes I hope :o)

Let’s start with Sneak-Peek Series number 01:

Hint no. 1: picture above. Notice something different from my usual graphics?

Some of you might have known me these past 10 years through my mouse drawn country graphics. So this time I need to make a confession…*taking a breath* …actually I also create abstract artwork, I draw sketches on paper, doodle on my journals, make collages and play with layouts.

I wasn’t that confident though, to bring them online. Possibly I just wanted to focus on ‘being known’ as a country graphic artist. But, hey, things happen and possibly it’s time!

I went around lately. And I found so many handmade inspirations as well as small business and blogging advices. I came across lovely sites and blogs offering creative insights and voilà!

Finally decided.

Changes no. 1:

the new will come in several ‘styles’:

a. country graphics (they’re getting bigger too!!)

b. abstract artwork (also consists of web graphics, prints, blog set, etc., basically the same as my country graphics only in different style)

c. project layouts (blog sets, photobooks, ebooks and zines layouts) in country, abstract and a bit of little-biz styles (or mix of styles)


That’s the sneak-peek for today. I hope it answers your curiousity why I’ve been so quiet lately :o) I’m coming back with sneak-peak number 2 in two or three days from now, there are more suprises I promise you!

In the meantime, if you have any thoughts or ideas or question…leave them on the comment box below….because of course I’m interested to know ;-)

Talk to you again soon, stay tune!

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  1. I can't wait to see! I can't believe it has been 10 years! It has been 8 years since I started making dolls, so I must of found you shortly after you started. I was always searching for cute graphics and saved your site to my favs! Congrats! :) Shawnette Imseeingraggedies

  2. wah, bikin penasaran, you really has dad's great sense. Such inspiring. Ta tunggu yaaaaa. Remember Miro, my fave artist

  3. Thanks Shawnette & Chacha! So happy you're around :-))))

  4. So glad to see you're still at it Amreta! Can hardly wait! Hugs!


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