Monday, March 10, 2008


Ever since i read The Alchemist, I became a big fan of Mr Paulo Coelho. I admire the way he conveys the wisdom through his writings and can you imagine what a talent he must possess to do this? And he proves to be an example of somebody who makes the most out of his privileges on this earth and share it with the world. I’m addicted to his blog, where he shared valuable lessons about life in form of short stories, quotes, or question-and-answer. some of them, often, shot straight to my heart and stuck in my head forever. I’m not exaggerating you know, but it is so true :-) and that explains why I love compiling some entries that are my favorite and stick them to my personal diary. I’m thankful for the presence of Mr Coelho on this earth. And as I reflected again, I realised I’m also thankful for being given the chance to live in the time where it is possible for me to learn from Mr Coelho through his works, even on daily basis through the internet. What a privilege. And I feel good. I feel blessed.


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  2. Hello,
    I just want to say that Paulo is also one of my favourite author.
    The book I prefer is "Veronika decides to die".
    I'm reading now "The Zahir".
    Best greetings from Guadeloupe !


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