Sunday, January 18, 2009

{about amretasgraphics and me}

I'm moving as much as possible free contents from to this blog, since I've got quite limited space in my server. I think it fits nicely though, and I apologize if these posts cut the flow of the blog :o)

What's actually happening at Amreta's Graphics? I can tell you, it's a constant trial-and-error! :0) But of course, it's pretty much self-taught, and exciting!

I work on my graphics and website from a corner room in our family home, armed with a laptop, an optical mouse, a play list of my favorite music, hot coffee or tea - whenever I have time amidst my fulltime job and violin practice, in the evening after work and on weekends.

To keep me inspired, having stacks of books and magazines, lovely papers, vintage fabrics, and other crafting stuff around me is indispensable...

Probably drawing graphics is a hobby that outdid my madness about violin and classical music - and later I developed an incredible fondness of folk music, prints and designs.

It all started in year 1999 when my dad bought for me a computer and I was tempted to create my own graphics - pretty awkward in the beginning and my first graphics were quite 'weird', so to say. But over time after surviving all the trial and error and tweaking - I got this addiction and it's amazing how it's going, up and running, and I enjoy the 'adventure' very much. It makes me happy!

{In memoriam. Fadjar Sidik, 8 February 1930 - 18 January 2004}

Probably it all fell naturally on me as I started my adventure in this world by being born to an artist couple. I grew up watching dad putting his creative energy into canvases and mom into fabrics. Our house was full of dad's paintings, the smell of oil paints, and mom's collection of patterns and batik. Being an artist's daughter also meant I was encouraged to dream, and from early in life I made friends with Bach, Mozart and Beethoven :-) It meant I first became an art student at age 3 when I had to sit in dad's class whenever my parents couldn't find someone to babysit me. And traveling with dad meant visiting local artists and discovering the art of life in the new places.

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