Monday, January 26, 2009

{got idea: chinoiserie}

Ow, I'm really into everything chinese today, aren't I? In any case it's chinese new year, perhaps that's why I'm so inspired :o)

I had a bowlful of chinese noodle this morning to start the day (noodle for breakfast is something very common here) and throughout the afternoon thinking of my new found obsession: chinoiserie.

Sure, I swear by Domino everytime I need some decorating inspiration. And besides the chinoiserie print in the blue bedroom that I posted in my previous entry, I found some more quirky decor ideas which wowed me, really!

Now I'm thinking of what I may be able to do to give a chinoiserie touch to my room...

covering one part of my room with a shimmery chinese pattern, just right for an eye catcher

this chinese print gives a graphic focus on the fireplace, probably the idea can be applied to the bookshelves instead

how can't you feel abundant when you have a room like this? :0)

an idea for the bed side of the room

aw, chinese wall covering with light blue background! and the table tops details! a real mix of east and west. love it.

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