Wednesday, January 14, 2009

{dreaming in colors}

I must confess, I have a weakness for cheerful colors. That includes interior decoration. I love walking into a room which has in it things in many colors. It feels vibrant and alive. Didn't realise it until one fine summerday in 2003 when I came for a lunch at my hostbrother's house in France. The kitchen was newly painted, in bold raspberry!

Lola, my hostbrother's daughter, creating art in the bold-raspberry kitchen

So I love it that Country Living features Jutta Verde Rosa's colorful home. "For the Love of Colors", says the title. Jutta's secret? Buy only what you love. Collect and save like mad, and your look will fall together. Oh, simply wonderful.

And also particularly love this colorful little cottage in Nantucket decorated by Deborah Timmerman, which reminds me alot of the colors in my hostbrother's house.

My favorite advice from Deborah? DON'T MATCH: "It looks too perfect. Nature doesn't work that way; neither should interiors. It's variations in a room that give it depth and personality."

Look at these little details.

Colorful can also feel fresh and peaceful at the same time.

Now I'll be dreaming in colors...

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