Thursday, March 26, 2009

{love, calligraphy}

i've been pretty quiet for sometime, no? :o) yes i was busy spring cleaning, yes i was busy reading interesting books, yes i was busy at work. but yes, one more confession: i'm in love with lettering, and quietly spent a lot of time scouting calligraphy blogs and websites such as Cystal Kluge's (also her blog Tart Workshop), and my newly found love: Oh So Beautiful Paper blog. Nole is such a wonderful blogger, and her blog, like it's name, is oh so beautiful...i'm smitten, really :o)

{Cystal Kluge}

{Tart Workshop}

{Oh So Beautiful Paper}


  1. I hope you will come visit
    where I post about calligraphy and all sorts of hand-drawn type. I also recently guest-blogged at design*sponge about the same thing.

  2. Hi Amreta, did you finish your spring cleaning? I had to interrupt mine - at least the "outside" part of it - because it got cold and started snowing again just one day after I had started to make our entrance ready for spring *yuck*

    Have a good weekend! {{{HUGS}}}


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