Thursday, March 12, 2009

{yellow deco: happy home}

I love colors, everywhere, yes, but today while looking at the rain, suddenly flashed in my head that some sparks of yellow in the house might turn the mood from grey to cheery. Oh, would you imagine how nice a yellow wall would be. Yellow furniture would look...just cute! And those yellow details? Flowers, napkins, frock, table lamp...what a happy home!

All inspiring pictures above from Country Living.


  1. ciao Amreta..e' sempre un piacere passare dal tuo blog.ti ricordo sempre co tanto affetto
    how are you?-do you remember me? I'm Rita from Italia
    ciao un affettuoso abraccio


  2. Hello Amreta, yellow is a lovely color for a house! :) Have a fab day!


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