Saturday, March 21, 2009

{spring cleaning + eat, pray, love}

time for spring cleaning! a happy and busy weekend. a friend of mine told me to keep visualizing the end result, when the house is fresh clean, well organized and lovingly decorated. yummy! orange you pretty my dear home!

in a few days my website will be the target for my spring cleaning madness. oh no, probably 'madness' is not the right word but anyhow, it will be moved to a new server, and part of the work will cleaning up, getting rid of some unused files.

{for spring cleaning guidance, i follow this article on wholeliving}

in the meantime, i'm also reading elizabeth gilbert 's "eat, pray, love" - such a wonderful memoir of a wonderful writer. reading this book, i wanted to laugh, to cry, to think about my own life. made my mind travel back to my own trip to bali a few months ago. i was there for work, but i told my swedish friend marie louise that i should come back to bali for a personal trip. vacation. which would mean one step further to get to know this beautiful, very famous part of my own country. this must have something to do with culture, history, archaeology, folklore, arts, my main interests. and something to do with wellbeing too, right? mmmmh...i should book a vacation for myself right away.... but first, for now, spring cleaning to be done!

and this, video of elizabeth gilbert musing on new way to think about creativity. watch, it's brilliant!

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  1. Hi Amreta, I started spring cleaning as well and of course I always imagine how our apartment would look afterwards - however, it almost never looks as "perfect" afterwards as I imagined it before *lol* Have a great week! {{{HUGS}}}


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