Friday, August 22, 2008


Newsletter from Domino Magazine came in my mailbox with a notice about the new decorating tool, My Deco File – a kind of online inspiration book to save decorating ideas and images we like.

Oh, that’s what I always wanted to have!

I just signed-up and started to create my first deco-book. This weekend my priority will be re-arranging and re-organising my bedroom cum craft and study room. I love cute boxes for storage, fabrics with nice prints, and of course as I just realised – I can’t live without colours!

Idea books are the perfect place for me to store images that inspire and catch my attention. In the real life, one has to deal with limited resources and to make the best out of what is available. But ideals, as quoted by Carl Schurz, are like stars: we may not be able to reach them, but like the seafaring men on the sea, we can use them as our guides.

How practical it is now with the internet! Thank you, Domino :-)

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