Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Talking about a girl’s life, which is saved in a graceful way by so-called 'being inspired'.

After a couple of weeks of a sudden, unplanned pause, I finally reconciled myself with Mr Steinberg (that is the name almost invisibly written on an old piece of paper glued inside my violin), and his second best friend (that is the pianist I’ve been working with these past 13 years). Finally went again to concerts, finally argued again with the pianist about which pieces we might practice, and finally felt the happiness just by staring at a set of Red-Label Thomastik-Infeld with gold plated chrome steel E-string. My fingers would be delightedly happy. And that precious rosewood Flesch-style chinrest! Mr Steinberg obviously needs some adjustments here and there especially the bridge and most possibly the soundpost. But it is still for me a beauty.

And so I ponder. These little happiness I must have taken for granted in the past. It’s true you never know what you’ll miss until you lose them. Subsequently I just learned that sometimes you don't know what you lose until some inspirations struck, wake you up, and urge you to recollect those lost sparks. For me, these pictures of my favourite lady-virtuosos have proved their magic…

Hilary Hahn

Viviane Hagner

Anne Sophie Mutter


  1. To be able to have the gift of playing an instrument is a true blessing. Cherish it, cultivate it. Never leave it. I love music, love to sing. I've always wanted to learn the piano, but life and time get in the way. Be blessed and I love your graphics and am being re-inspired to get back to building my web-site.
    God Bless!

  2. I'd love to be able to play an instrument really well. In middle school I used to play a recorder and a flute, but dunno if I'm still able to play now... be inspired! Greetings!

  3. Me again, popped in to thank you for the msg! :) Hubby and I are back in Scotland after 2 weeks vacation back in Italy. And I miss the sun and warm weather already. ;) In fact, in only 48 hours here I got a bad cold :( Probably coz temps in Italy were around 35°C and here are around 15°C. Brrr... Will visit your graphic site lately, need a nap now ;) Hugs!


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