Sunday, February 8, 2009

{rosy notes: anne sophie mutter, mendelssohn's birthday}

Counting down to happy heart's day, I want everything rosy in my home and blog. Even the music. I start with this. One rosy note a day. sent me a message on facebook: "Interview with Anne-Sophie Mutter: She has returned to the Mendelssohn Concerto, with a new recording and performances with the NY Phil this week in honor of Mendelssohn's 200th birthday."

Ow, one of my favorite violin concertos, on the hands of one of my favorite violinists, isn't that a fabulous combination! I jumped on the link. Landed on the page where Laurie Niles had the interview with the first lady of the violin. There she is, in turquoise gown with her ultra famous Stradivarius violin, surrounded by oh-so romantic pink petals, ready for a birthday party. A special one, Felix Mendelssohn's, the very one who composed the violin concerto Ms Mutter is playing.

Reading the interview, and looking at the pictures of the CD cover, it's just perfect for my must-listen list for the happy heart's day. Can't wait. I can already hear the concerto playing, the brilliant notes dancing in my head and suddenly a rain of pink petals surrounds me, so fragrant I'm transported to a rosy world full of loving hearts. It's only a start...

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  1. Hi Amreta!

    Those album covers look a bit like works of art. I guess they kind of are. I hope you have a wonderful rose filled Valentine's day. Blessings...


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