Sunday, February 15, 2009

{rosy notes: roses at home}

While searching for inspiration for rosy notes, I stumbled upon the beautiful pictures of Raggedroses home on flickr. Always love finding beautiful roses everywhere in the house, especially in a real house in somebody's real life.

Ah, can you feel the real love... I'd love to stay in this kind of house. Serene, fresh, and happy.

{music sheets balls and painting}{vintage tins}{table cloth}

{rosy soaps}{cupboard cover}{cushion}{sitting pretty}{curtain}{wallpaper}{in lauundry room}

{summery fabric}{stool in the bathroom}

{reading nook}{bird house}{rosy corner}{rosy cards}

{lamp shade}{cheerful seating matching the curtain}

{rosy cushion}{monogram and a rose}

More rosy inspiration visit Raggedroses' photostream here.


  1. Wow, I love all those rosy items, they are so beautiful - I wish I could decorate our entire flat with them, but I'm afraid Hermann would move into the garage if I did that ;) HUGS

  2. oh ! I love those pictures ... this decoration is just beautiful ! thanks for sharing ... Hello from France ...

  3. aduh bagusee...! kayak shabby chic yg dulu pernah diputer ditipi, kapan ya pny rumah kayak gini, mengingat disini setiap hari ada debu hiks!


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