Wednesday, February 11, 2009

{rosy notes: rosy welcome}

Isn't this happiness, the moment you come home, a fragrant, extravagant bunch of rosy beauties greets you at the entrance?

chicken house bloom of roses and Frits the cat

Let me tell you a tale. Once upon a time there was a girl who had a weakness for pink roses. Any kind of roses, any kind of pink. One lovely summer she made a long trip and stayed at a lovely cottage in a lovely little village in the middle of Sweden. Next to the cottage there was a chicken house, not an ordinary chicken house, because a beautiful bush of pink roses adorned its wall. The girl found herself in love with the cottage, but she also loved going to the chicken house, she felt a delicate happiness just by walking pass the bloom of roses.

Then the girl continued her trip in Sweden. She arrived in a cute little town by the Baltic Sea and her wandering led her to a streetful of cute houses and, 'oh my god' the girl sighed 'pink roses everywhere!' Strange might it seem, but the girl took her time to stop at every door of houses with pink roses on the wall, and those moments she felt warmly, cheerfully welcome. 'Oh boy' the girl looked around her. It was far prettier than her years of dreams. The girl was overwhelmed. By the beauty. And the happiness. Love. The girl didn't mind to be overwhelmed like that!

That day, the girl learned one of many ways that made her oh so happy when coming home: pink roses at the entrance. A rosy welcome.






  1. Hi Amreta, The rose pictures are so beautiful :D My favourites are red and pink roses - I had pink roses on my bridal bouquet :)

  2. soo beautiful! I agree, a roses in your garden could brighten up your whole day!

  3. Hi Amreta.
    How wonderful, I'm just sighing here, it's so beautiful on the pics, thanks for sharing.


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