Thursday, November 19, 2009

[.some pictures to illustrate yesterday’s blog.]

It seems like, since I have no more 24hr internet connection at home, I become more organized in some way. I mean, now I have to schedule when to walk, when to write, when to draw. Because only at certain times I can connect to the internet and of course it’s limited. Well, the Universe has always an interesting way of teaching you something, no?

And here are some pictures to ‘accompany’ my post on yesterday’s walk. The pictures were taken this morning though (I told you yesterday I would prepare my camera in the meantime ;-))

The cooking oil and banana leaf seller in the market. I wonder whether the stuff is not too heavy for his bike!

Morning chatters and the jamu (javanese herbal drinks) seller

The open field with a lot of banana trees behind the tall office buildings

The grass gatherer in the open field

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  1. Thank you for the pictures - almost incredible that these scenes are in a city like Jakarta (except the huge buildings, of course) :)

    Sorry, obviously I didn't notice the last sentence of yesterday's post, but it's nice that you had the same idea already ;)

    It must be inconvenient not to be able to have internet all the time, but maybe it's bearable as long as you know the times when you can be online! I always hate it when it is unpredictable (we had a lot of trouble with that at first after we had switched to another provider).

    Have a great day!



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