Thursday, November 26, 2009


The last part of Walking Bliss series this week and we’ll see about next week. I’m yearning so much for getting back to graphic journaling but who knows I’ll be able to combine it :-)

Blogging is an exciting challenge as I’m not an English native speaker and it’s a great way to practice writing in English…if done regularly, hehe.

Walking home from work yesterday, a little bit earlier, so it wasn’t dark yet. I was walking through an open field, to the shortcut that leads to the big street. The tall buildings seen here are located on the big street, not in the business district where I took the picture from and, can you spot the street food stalls in the middle?

A closer look of the food stalls

A noodle seller (thus ‘Mr Noodle’ – because I don’t know his real name) pushing his cart pass the shortcut toward the big street. I call this narrow lane ‘banana trees street’ – can you see why? :-))

After work reading, let me wander in books, and dream a little bit... (and looking forward to a Sunday brunch)

Miss Dahl’s Voluptuous Delights

Jamie at Home

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  1. Thank you for the new photos - the small stalls in front of the sky scrapers are a very interesting motive!



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