Monday, November 23, 2009


I took a break from Walking-Bliss during the weekend. I got a visit. My mom. Oh, she almost made it to inspect the house where I live but my aunt managed to take her for a walk somewhere else :-)) Hehe, I wasn’t ready for mom’s inspection whatsoever. The house was not exactly a mess but recalling mom’s background as an interior design major combined with her strong Javanese philosophy about almost everything, my decorating-with-whatever-you-have interior would not be everywhere near her standard, I was pretty sure of it! :-))

But now today a new Monday has come and this morning I happily walked again through the market, and…

This fruit stall was located on the corner, at the very start of the market if you walk from where I live. I like to see the green bananas, the pink dragon fruit, the golden kelengkeng (kind of lychee, I think), the papayas and yellow-pink apples. Green, pink, yellow must be the theme of this stall :-) These exotic fruits are mostly sweet. The green banana seemed to be the kind for cooking. Fried banana, for example, is a very popular snack here.

And two side-by-side chicken stalls.

This chicken seller was actually watching me taking pictures of the fruit stall and she asked me whether I was also interested in taking picture of her stall! Oh yes, of course, with pleasure Mam… and thank you!

And then the other stall also wanted to be in my pictures as well :-) Lovely ladies!


  1. Wasn't it sweet of your aunt to take your mother away? *ggg*

    Interesting fruit - never heard about some of them. But I'm fond of fried bananas - my mother used to fry them in butter and put curry on them *yum* She took the yellow ones, though. I made them myself sometimes, but just remember it has been a long time...

    Nice that the lady asked you whether you would take a photo of her stall as well - I hardly ever take photos on markets (although especially flea markets are interesting, of course), because the stall owners do not always seem to like it (unless one is working for a newspaper or so).

    Thanks for the lovely photos and have a good week :)


  2. Hej Barbara! Yes can you believe it!!?? ;-) Should take the fried-banana seller next time :-)) Have a good week you too!


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