Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Yesterday when I walked home in the evening, I took some pictures and on-the-spot realised that my camera didn’t really work when it’s dark. I tried the flash, I tried the night-mode. Failed. So I took pictures anyway and thanked Photoshop later :-)

Took a new shortcut and was ‘caught’ in the traffic jam. Such a narrow street, lots of big cars, and I couldn’t even get a space for walking. I got hungry as it was dinner time I happened to be stuck not far from a street food stall, selling chicken porridge. Looked yummy though. So decided to duck under the tent which was hooked on to the cart, which looked like an ‘emergency eating place’, and ordered a bowl of porridge. Surprise surprise, it was really good! Watching the traffic jam, I chatted with Mr Porridge (that’s how we call the seller of street food when we don’t know his name… Mr Porridge, Mr Fried Rice, Mr Noodle, and so on), about how he made the porridge. He was quite nice. I told them I happened to walk this street because the usual shortcut was closed for some repair. And he was like “ah, so that’s why you didn’t know that this street can be this crowded in the evening” Fifteen minutes later, happy for having had a good meal, I headed to the big street, and Mr Porridge showed me another shortcut, passing by the kampung (residential area with lots of houses, people around, children playing and narrow streets) across the street from the stall. I told him I was hunting for pictures and he seemed quite okay and didn’t mind when I took some pictures of his stall. He stations there every evening so I’ll pass by when the picture is printed.

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  1. I have got similar problems with my camera in the dark - when I use the flash the lights are not seen and when I don't use it everything looks wiggly :( Your photos look nice, though.

    Interesting that you call the street sellers by the kind of food they are selling - didn't know that before. Seems I'm learning a lot about your country on this blog :)


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