Thursday, April 26, 2007


As far as I can remember, I had fallen in love with paper cutting since I was in the kindergarten, that very fateful day when my teacher taught us 4 or 5 year old kids to fold paper and cut the edges to make cute shapes, or we’d peep through the holes and had laughs.

And since then the love of paper cutting continued to grow; thanks to print+pattern I discovered the loveliest art of folk paper cutting from Poland, called "Wycinanki"

So, for sure there's no other answer to my Polish friend Joanna's question about what I wanted her to bring to Indonesia when she's visiting me, but: "wycinanki!" [.tack.joanna.!.] :)

Here it is...

Some links to Wycinanki sites:

Polish Paper Cuts
The Art of Polish Paper Cutting
Lowics cutouts


  1. hallo amreta: thank you ya buat ninggalin komentar diblogku and buat tips nya. Wah Polish paper cut nya kamu keren juga tuh, something fresh daripada chinese paper cutting yg biasanya only comes in red. :)

  2. · { I heart papercuts toooooooooo } ·


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