Friday, April 20, 2007


Erin (collieluv_f@...) from Charlotte, NC, tagged me with an idea about combining my roses and sunflower graphics...

Oh, I really love feedbacks! Most of the time, when I draw graphics, it really depends what the inspiration says at that time :-) You know what I mean... and sometimes I just didn't realised what my readers would need for their websites. So please don't be tired to let me know about what's in and what's out, you are welcome to keep 'bugging' me ;o)

Now that Erin tagged me about sunflower graphics, I took a look at my sunflower set, and oh, I realised it was from 2001!!! Yes, I think I need to update the set. I noted that.

My question for discussion:

Do you think I still can keep this set with bears up? They look 'outdated' to me now and certainly I will change them with the newer version of my bears (see my rose bears, for example) - or do your prefer the set with girls and boys instead?

ps: there will be a change in the sunflower graphics, for sure ;-)

What do you think would be a nice theme for combining sunflower with roses?

Any idea will be appreciated! :-)

Lotsa love!


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