Monday, April 23, 2007


When it’s Sunday afternoon and raining so hard outside, you can make sure I’d be sitting nicely in my desk working with papers :-) I love reading books but sometimes inspiration strikes and all I want to do is cutting nice pictures from old magazines and sticking them to papers, making small collages.

I like using A5 loose-leaf papers and put them in one folder, and the size makes it easy enough to carry. I call this folder 'idea notebook'. I also have big folders to accomodate bigger pictures (sometimes they are so nice I just can't cut them!) But more often the big ones only stay on my bookshelves, for comfy time at home, while the small ones travel alot!

This weekend I covered two folders with fabrics: one with purple vintage cotton that I 'inherited' from my grandma, and the other with Chinese fabrics. I run out of nice papers to cover the inner side of the folder covers, so I decided to cut-and-stick pretty small pictures from an ad in an old Ariadne at Home magazine. After several trial-and-errors, finally they turned out to be really nice :-)

The images for collages shown below are from
Country Living UK edition, October 2004

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