Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Yesterday after work I went to my house (at the moment I'm still staying at my aunt's) and I'm so glad the house is already repainted. Clean and fresh. But certainly needs a touch of redecoration. Plan for this coming weekend.

I went to my room and tried to rearrange some things I managed to save from the flood [two months ago] by putting and piling them on top of the tall cupboard when the water started to come into the house. Some ‘aaaawww’s and ‘youhuuuuu’s followed. I found some precious books I thought I had lost. And…my [until that flood in February] latest journal!

It’s the kind of journal I really like, actually. It’s not a ‘dear diary’ kind but I put ‘founds of the day’ which were mostly cuttings from magazines or the internet [articles, pictures, words] that caught my attention that day. Then I put some notes about what I experienced that particular moment I wrote, and my own drawings. Such a precious scrapbook from my bygone days.


  1. Hi Amreta,

    Your scrapbook with your 'mind doodles' is just precious!

    I used to create book like that but have lost them all... you have inspired me to start again :)

    (... Country Living is my favourite magazine ~smile~)

    Good to hear you all are dry and safe now hopefully there will be no more floods or bad weather for a long time!

    Blessings to you,

  2. I realised I really like journal-scrapbooking now! :) And thanks for your kind words, Caroline :)


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