Friday, April 27, 2007


One fine Friday afternoon in Göteborg, Sweden [.30.3.2007.] this sight caught my attention, I took the picture from across the street, somewhere on Linnégatan.

Certainly time passes by, sometimes so nicely like this tram I spotted in front of the central station in Göteborg. I just don't have any idea why this image makes me think of that. Or probably I just love the design, so retro.

Well, each time is unique, can it be stylishly unique like this clock at the Göteborg central station? If there's a copy of it I'd love to have one...


[.stockholm.sweden.25.3.2007.] If I could have this day back..:

I'd have café latte and carrot cake for my breakfast, at a café in Gamla Stan - Stockholm's old town.

And then at lunch time had another cup of coffee and a bowl of corn soup, in the garden café at Rosendal

...and the bread

...and the olive oil and marmalade

...and the flowers and the pots

...I'd grow my own lettuce I won't forget this place. Even the sign is so nicely designed.

...and it's part of beautiful Stockholm.

Yes, I want this day back.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


  1. Hi Amreta! So you´ve been visiting Sweden. Well you picked the right time ;) The weather has been great and spring is my second best season (only autumn beats it;)
    Rosendal is a lovely place to be at! I go there a lot.
    Hugs from Maggan in Sweden

  2. yes, I would like to order one of everything in this post. Just wrap it up. Thank you...!:-)

  3. hey, elu udah ke goteburg toh. Enak ngga kotanya, gampang ngga sih getting around di kota itu? Kita juga mau mampir goteburg, soalnya gue ada mau visit Floda (skt 1.5km dari goteburg), and thought it'd be great to stay overnight di goteburg. Or do you think mendingan gue nginep di Floda aja? pernah denger ngga ttg Floda?

    sip banget foto2 elu, jadi ngga sabaran pengen terbang sana. :)


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