Thursday, May 10, 2007


It’s been almost a week since my last entry..aaayyy! I’ve been very busy these week, and will also next week. My current project is the anniversary of Mr Flower Power, who will turn 300 years on 23 May this year. And the whole world is celebrating his birthday. He must be a wonderful guy. Carl Linnaeus, that is, probably the most celebrated Swedish scientist, the father of taxonomy, the one responsible for flora and fauna’s classification and latin names.

Carl Linnaeus, painting by J.H.Scheffel, 1739, image from

See here: and here: . I never knew science can be so beautiful ;-)

Well, Mr Linnaeus is also partly responsible for my madness about photographing flowers. One year ago a photo exhibition entitled ”Herbarium Amoris – a tribute to Carl Linnaeus” by Swedish photographer Edvard Koinberg was held in Jakarta, and guess, yes, I was captivated. I won’t say much about the exhibition and how I was captivated by the all the pictures because I think you’d better see yourself Edvard’s works on his website.

This is what Edvard said about his works:
"Since 1999, I have collected pictures of plants. It has become a kind of photograhic herbarium. The inspiration comes from Carl Linnaeus writings about the reproduction of plants and I have tried to approach the subject with the same curiosity and eagerness as he clearly had."

Don't forget to check if the exhibition is coming to your town, would be hard to miss it :-)

I’ll leave you now with three pictures I took at the garden café of Rosendal in Stockholm. As I mentioned above I’m mad about taking pictures of flowers... At Rosendal only, three pictures below and about 80 more here ;-)

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