Tuesday, May 1, 2007


At the junk market of Senen in central Jakarta, you’ll never know what you can find there. Mostly old clothes and second hand bags, but with a little luck, even if it means you have to walk around the crowded and noisy market, you can spot some stalls selling soft furnishings for the home, at real ’junkie’ prices.

But again, you’ll never know what you may find, that’s the interesting part of going there. Two weeks ago the stalls had piles of table cloths, and last weekend I got lots of duvet covers. Certainly I won’t use them as intended (the guy at the stall wondered if I had a dorm!) but as usual I looked for fabrics with nice prints & patterns and I will think about what I will transform them into later. When I have time *sigh*. Let’s see what inspiration says…

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