Saturday, May 12, 2007


Yup, still about Mr von L, the King of Flowers. Since day 1 I'm engaged in the project to celebrate his 300th birthday, there's no way of not becoming obsessed with everything Linnaeus. Really, you're blessed if you can see even the smallest and simplest beauty in nature and science, and do good and feel good about it.

There's a particular thing I really love about flowers when it comes to design. And this love just grows as I'm more and more fascinated about Linnaeus' world. And this one, too, fascinated me:

Linnaeus' flower clock - not only that I find this clock beautiful, it's actually the result of Mr von Linné's observation of what time a flower opens and closes during the day, he arranged it in some way that it formed a kind of clock, as described in Philosophia Botanica (1751). Very pretty and clever at the same time!

Heard that in Uppsala, Sweden, where Mr von L's now burried (and the big celebration on his birthday 23 May will take place there!) there's this public floral clock. I'm so curious, just too bad that when I was there, it was in 2003 and I hadn't had enough attention for Mr von L, yet - though I did visit his garden and had a coffee there under the trees amongst the rose bushes. Certainly the fascination started there, and seems like at that point the universe had a thought for me: "beware, it's not over..!" ;-)

I'm so happy I'm not alone (oh, never in this case!) Mr von L has inspired so many people in this world. French composer Jean Françaix has composed a concerto for oboe and orchestra "L'Horloge de Flore" (the flower clock) - from its title you may guess where the inspiration came from.

This year, too, Svenskt Tenn re-launched the flora chest of drawers by Josef Frank. Karin in her blog mentioned she attended the launch..ow, I'm so jealous!

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  1. It´s me again... just have to tell you that on the nursery where I practise at the moment, we are growing the plants for Linnes flower clock wich will be displayed in Uppsala later this summer ;) Really interesting.
    Hugs again!


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